Town of Cummington



   No charge for town committees, boards, officials to use space for town business, hearing, meetings, etc.


   $20.00 per day/per event for use of living room, library, selectmen's room, etc.


   $50.00 per day/per event for use of auditorium or conference room by a For Profit Group or individual.


Certain civic organizations such as the local Four H, Fire Association, Youth Group, Post Dump Ladies Group, Grange, etc. will be asked to either make a donation in lieu of the fees outlined above or to perform in-kind service in the form of chores/maintenance to the Community House with the permission of the Board of Selectmen.


All groups will be REQUIRED to provide a Certificate of Insurance for the duration of each event with the Town of Cummington named as a Loss Payee.


An Application for Permission to use the Community House must be completed and must indicate the name and telephone of a person responsible for the event.


All groups/individual MUST clean up and return the facilities to the same condition as it was in prior to use. This includes all tables and chairs which may be used. In addition, ALL trash MUST be taken with you when you leave the premises.


The Selectmen reserve the right to refuse to allow any use of the premises if they deem it would not be in the best interests of the Town of Cummington or the building itself. The Selectmen also reserve the right to reduce the fees listed above, if good cause is shown.