Town of Cummington

Board of Health

Schedule of Fees and Licenses


Septic Tank Permit


Transfer Station Sticker

$125 residence per year

$75 senior citizen residence per year

$50 summer residence per year

Additional Transfer Station Sticker for second vehicle

$5 per year

Witness Percolation Test

$25 per hour each hour

Septic System Installers Permit

(Must be renewed yearly)

$25 per year

Permit to install new septic system


Witness and approve finished septic installation prior to completion


Burial Permit


Copies of Death Certificate

(Issued by town clerk)

$5 each

Intervention visit for tenant/landlord dispute (Landlord expense or individual responsible for violation)

$25 for each visit

Summer Camp inspection for each board member that participates


Food Service Certificate

(Must be renewed yearly)


Restaurant and Food service inspections