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When should I call 9-1-1?


911Save a Life

911Stop a Crime

911Report a Fire

Anytime help is needed from police, fire, or ambulance personnel, 9-1-1 should be your first call in an emergency.

Stay calm and speak clearly
Be sure to listen carefully and answer all of the dispatcher's questions to the best of your ability
If possible, do not hang up until the 9-1-1 dispatcher has obtained all of the information that is needed.

If you cannot speak, you can still communicate with the dispatcher by using your landline phone's key pad. Once the call taker answers
Press 1 if you need Police
Press 2 if you need Fire
Press 3 if you need an Ambulance

Cordless phones will not work during power outages, so it is important to always keep a corded phone in your home in case of emergency

If you are calling from a cellular phone, please provide as much information to the dispatcher as possible. New technology allows dispatchers to receive your phone number and approximate location where the call orginated from within a couple of hundred yards. The more information you can give, the better.

Medical Alert deviecs do not provide a direct connection with your local police, fire or ambulance personnel. If immediate help is needed and a phone is within your reach, call 9-1-1
TDD/TTY users should call 9-1-1 directly. All 9-1-1 dispatchers are equipped with and trained to use TDD/TTY equipment
Massachusetts residents with disabilities may qualify for specialized telephones and accessories free of charge or at a reduced rate. Please visit or call 1-800-300-5658 V/TTY for more information

Cummington Artisans


Wynnne Lewellyn

Wynne Llewellyn
26 Potash Road, Cummington, MA 01026

Specializing in custom hand lettered Marriage Certificates and Naming Documents


Laura Wetzler & Nervy Girl Records

Laura Wetzler
P.O. Box 26, Cummington, MA 01026

Award winning singer-songwriter touring 150 concerts and workshops each year. Contemporary and traditional American folk and World Jewish music. 23 different shows.
Solo or with band. New CD. Hear at

Furniture & Woodworking

EK Fine Furniture

Ed Konieczny
17 Nash Hill Road, Cummington, MA 01026

Ed Konieczny has been creating hand crafted custom furniture in Cummington for over
25 years. He builds both one
of a kind and limited production pieces. Only the choicest native and exotic hardwood materials are used and samples are provided during the
design process

Robert Quigley

Robert Quigley
Swift River, Cummington, MA 01026

Stick and Stone Studio

Tom Sipple
33 Potash Hill Road, Cummington, MA 01026
Fax 413-634-0101

The mission of the studio is to produce high quality custom furniture, cabinets, and carvings using traditional methods and contemporary designs. Stick and Stone Studio is also dedicated to providing Environmentally Friendly products for the benefit of the consumer and the health of the planet


Dolores Oreilly

Dolores Oreilly
29 Main Street, Cummington, MA 01026

One-Off Titanium Inc.

Mike Augspurger
494 Stage Rd., Cummington, MA 01026

Our innovative products and services include: offroad handcycles, custom made titanium rings, highly detailed bicycle art and original printmaking.


The Mask Studio

Beckie Kravetz
PO Box 77, Cummington, MA 01026

Masks for theater and art masks. Theatrical makeup and wigs.

Painting & Print Making

Christopher Bagg

Christoper Bagg
53 Swift River Road, Cummington, MA 01026

Local Paintings

June Whiteman

June Whiteman
West Cummington Road, Cummington, MA 01026

Kathryn Jensen

Kathryn Jensen
47 Main Street, Cummington, MA 01026

Leni Fried

Leni Fried
494 Stage Road, Cummington, MA 01026

Sandblasting & Printmaking

Mary Streeter

Mary Streeter
124 Stage Road, Cummington, MA 01026

Three Salamanders Design Studio

Rosemary Wessel
90 Trow Road, Cummington, MA 01026

Walter Korzec

Walter Korzec
137 Cole Street, Cummington, MA 01026


Christy Knox Studio

Christy Knox
110 Mount Road, Cummington, MA 01026

Pottery/Welded Garden Art

Gary Grosenbeck, Potter

Gary Grosenbeck
Mount Road, Cummington, MA 01026


BK Sculpture Studio

Beckie Kravetz
PO Box 77, Cummington, MA 01026

Figurative bronze and ceramic sculpture.

Weaving And Spinning

Cranberry Moon Farm

Lisa Westervelt
208 Trouble St.,Cummington, MA 01026

One of a kind handwoven fabrics, shawls, blankets, placemats, scarves, towels, rugs and more are woven with handspun yarns and custom milled yarns utilizing the wool and fiber from small growers. Custom orders are welcomed. Check out what's on the loom!

Writers, Poets

Paul Ryder Ryan

Paul Ryder Ryan
Cummington, MA 01026

writer, journalist, poet, and teacher. founding member of the Church Hill Poets group in West Cummington, Massachusetts. His poems have been published in several magazines and one anthology

Richard Wilbur

Richard Wilbur
87 Dodwells Road, Cummington, MA 01026

Poet, writer, translator, playwrite. Pulitzer Prize winner, a chevalier of the Ordre des Palmes Acadamiques, a former Poet Laureate of the United States and he is a Chancellor Emeritus of The Academy of American Poets.

William Jay Smith

William Jay Smith
63 Luther Shaw Road, Cummington, MA 01026

Poet, translator. Smith served as a poetry consultant to the Library of Congress (the position now known as the U.S. Poet Laureate) from 1968 until 1970 and currently is the Professor Emeritus of English at Hollins College.