Town of Cummington - Board of Assessorís


May 11, 2017

Community House, 33 Main Street, Cummington, MA 01026





-         Time for Public.† Anything that may come before the board.

-         Meeting minutes and MVE abatement applications.

-         Expense report and invoicing for desk review and inspections.

-         Verizon New England settlement and abatement.

-         Review of special town meeting and annual town meeting.

-         Solar PILOT program.

-         Assessors budget.

-         Merging 2/31 with 2/32, Southborough Coon Club.

-         Letter to Tax Collector regarding Map 26, Lot 5 owned by Fontaine.

-         CAMA Conversion.

-         FY18 Viewings.

-         Old Business.

-         New Business.

-         Building Permits, Mail, Emails, etc.







Agenda posted on 5/8/2017 on Community House bulletin board and Town of Cummington website.