Town of Cummington

Conservation Commission

Meeting Minutes

  October 3, 2016

Present: R. Dextraze, A.Douglas, M. Drawe, J. Eisenhour

Guest: David Sprague (Clark Road)

Meeting opened at 7 PM.

Motion made, seconded and voted to accept the 9/12/16 meeting minutes as written.

New Business:

David Sprague wanted Commission’s input as to how to move forward as he has to move a 12x24’ shed/workshop that is set on cement piers and partially resides on neighbor’s property.  He wants to move it into what may be within the buffer zone.  He was advised to contact a wetland specialist who will determine whether an RDA or NOI needs to be filed in addition to delineating the buffer zone and determining impact of moving building.

24 W. Main St — Homestead Engineering called asking about what needed to be done to install a septic system on property.  Homestead will be filing an NOI.

Old Business:

No word on W. Cummington bridge on Rt. 9 as to completion date. 

Hearing that was scheduled for an RDA on W. Cummington Rd. was canceled as paperwork not appropriate at this time as no structure is planned for the property.

Building Permit signoffs:

V. Lewis on 477 W. Cummington Rd. new house construction;  P. Sloan on 91 Porter Hill Rd., pier support for building and floor.

Next scheduled meeting - November 7, if necessary.

Motion made, seconded and moved to adjourn the meeting at 7:50 PM.


Donna Douglas

Recording Secretary

Cc:  Selectboard

      Town Clerk