August 31, 2017

A meeting of the Board of Selectmen took place on August 31, 2017.  Present were: Russell L. Sears, III, William F. Adams, Monica M. Vandoloski, Alan Taylor (Highway Superintendent)Beckie Kravetz, Alan Weisman, Aaron Simms(SunBug Solar),  Bernard Forgea (Fire Chief), Sam Konieczny, Mark Bevan, Joy Johns(Board of Assessors), and Roger Gunn (BTES Building).

Meeting called to order at 7:02 p.m.

Minutes of August 10, 2017 meeting accepted as printed by unanimous vote.

The Board of Assessors came with the PILOT Agreement regarding the solar array on Plainfield Road.  This agreement has been reviewed by all parties in addition to Town Counsel (Siddall & Siddall).  Motion made, seconded and voted unanimously to sign this Agreement for the solar array on Plainfield Road.

7 Frazier Lane(Private way)  is  up for some clarification:  Alan Weisman brought us up to date on the long process of clarifying address so he can proceed with solar installation and eventual hook-up.  Frist of all the correct spelling of the road in question is Frazier Lane not Fraizer Lane.  This issue has been going on for at least three months and hopefully we can come to some agreeable solution.  Bernie Forgea (911 coordinator) has not been involved in this issue  up to this point,  He should have been the contact person to begin with so he could explain to Weisman/Kravetz a possible solution.  After much discussion and exchanging of phone numbers/names Bernie agreed to make phone calls to assist in rectifying the problem.  Correspondence was received from Chief Perkins regarding the Frazier Lane issue.  Also discussed was the street sign on Potash Hill/Frazier Lane and it was agreed Frazier Lane in white letters with blue background and private way underneath.  Alan is working with Alan Taylor (Highway Superintendent) regarding the sign and post.  This will be at the expense of folks on Frazier Lane.  Bernie also asked that on the post it state 5, 7  9 plus at the driveways of each the Triad red sign with the appropriate number be installed so all public safety will know the locations.  Chief Perkins is now in charge of Triad with the resignation of Jim Martin.

Bernie talked about the Cummington Fair and how well everything went and what great weather for the 149th Cummington Fair.  He suggested a meeting next year with all concerned Highway, Fire, Police EMS and Fair President or designees with the Selectmen to go over any issues.  We reiterated all the hard work by the Fire volunteers including from surrounding towns was much appreciated.  Everyone did a great job leading up to the success of the Fair.

Roger Gunn gave a report on the BTES roof project – flat roof done but the chimney is not done—metal around perimeter and landscaping to be done.    All the emergency lights have been replaced or repaired along with lighted exit signs at the BTES building.  

We have to contact again Joe Rosinski SNE building services regarding the compressor issue at the BTES building.  This has to be done before cold weather.  Also contacting Crocker Communications regarding internet at the BTES building.

Alan Taylor spoke about Chapter 90—both project  requests for  Nash Road ($221,284)and Savoy Road ($44,154)have been approved by MassDOT.  The highway crew will be doing some of the preliminary work prior to reclamation.

Alan also presented a plan for the operation unit for the gas/diesel pump at the Highway Garage.  This will most likely be a fob or card system which will be great for accountability.  We gave him the go ahead to do so because in a short amount of time our obsolete system will stop working.

Mr. Sears presented a certificate of membership into  a National Joint Powers Alliance entitling the Town of Cummington to purchase off of nationally, competitively solicited contracts.  The City of Pittsfield have used NJPA for purchases.  Monica will contact Purchasing Agent in Pittsfield with questions regarding bid process etc.

Bill reports that the Planning Board working on the Green Community will be ready for a public hearing and then a Special Town Meeting regarding the Solar By-Law sometimes this fall.

Bill also is working on a  Community Compact longtime planning grant.  We gave him our blessings.

Next meeting is September 7, 2017.

Meeting adjourned at 9:24 p.m. 

Respectfully submitted,

Monica M. Vandoloski, Clark

Cc: various boards