MAY 17, 2018

A meeting of the Board of Selectmen took place on May 17, 2018.  Present were:  Russell L. Sears, III, William F. Adams, Monica Vandoloski, Alan Taylor (Highway Superintendent) Roger Gunn, Ben Cenedella (Nexus Consulting), Reginal Stanfield (Justin Credible Cultivation  LLC) ,  Jonathan Siberon (JCC) LLC, Alan Douglas(MLP Manager)and Kim Wachtel.

Meeting called to order at 7:00 p.m.

Minutes of May 3, 2018 accepted as printed with 1 abstention (William Adams).

Kim Wachtel inquired about the Pettingill Park area and having Cultural Council monies, insurance coverage, rental price etc.  She has been in contact with the Recreation  Committee to work out most of the questionable areas on her part –she will have insurance coverage as she is using town/state funds.

Reginal Stanfield of Justin Credible Cultivation LLC briefed the Board regarding marijuana cultivation on Powell Road.  It would be grown in a proposed 5000 square foot building all secured with proper alarms, video & lighting.  According to the Building Inspector this is zoned agriculture in nature.  There are many guidelines by the Cannabis Control Commission that have to be met and approved by them before one can move forward.    It was voted unanimously to have the Chairman sign the Host Community Agreement Certification form stating that the Justin Credible Cultivation LLC came before the Selectmen on this date to present what is being proposed.   This is the first step of many for the Massachusetts Cannabis Control Commission.  The group will have to have outreach meetings with the Community at a later time as part of the initial application.  A percentage of monies in the form of taxes will go to the State, Town and charitable donation.

Ben Cenedella of Nexus Consulting came to explain his program to us.  Ben has been very involved in the heating system at BTES through SNE.  He would like to review the consumption of oil, propane etc at the Library, Community House, Safety Complex, Highway and BTES buildings, the furnaces and their conditions.  He would write up a scope of work detailed and the cost.  Ben has been very helpful to us at the BTES and has guided us through some difficult times.  It was suggested that each department head  be notified of the desire to inspect the heating systems for their buildings and when they can view them.  Roger and Alan will work with Ben.

Bill had a conversation with Nathaniel Thomas, Project Manager, MassWorks Infrastructure Program  regarding the MassWorks grant denial and what can be done to strengthen our applications in the future.  Some suggestions were permitting if necessary and more detail of time lost for response by emergency folks.

The Council on Aging came forth with a  recommendation for a new Board member—JoDee Simard.  A motion was made, seconded and voted unanimously to appoint JoDee Simard to the Council on Aging Board for a term of three years with expiration date of 2021.

Alan has been thinking about a solution to our problems with the Route 112 roadway.  It would  take five years or more of our Chapter 90 monies which than means no work on other town roads.  He met with a gentleman from Warner Bros, asking him to look at this road with his expertise and to listen to some of Alan’s thoughts.  After some give and take in the conversation Alan would like to talk with Kathy Stevens, our District #1 Engineer about some hopeful solutions.  The roadway becomes wider from Grout Road to Route 9 which means lots more blacktop, fixing the river down the middle of 112 etc. 

Reviewed with Alan the bid request for machinery with or without man to be on call for the period of July 1, 2018-June 30,2019.  Bid notification will be published in the Country Journal with bid opening June 28, 2018 at 7:30 p.m.   Alan added to the list forwarder and log trucks.

We received seven lien releases from Hilltown Community Development Corp for the folks in Housing Rehab program.  Motion made, seconded and voted unanimously to have the Chairman sign all seven for properties in Plainfield, Williamsburg, Windsor, Worthington, and Haydenville.  

Reviewed correspondence from Angela Dabkowski regarding Renaissance Faire July 21-22 and July 28-29 at the Cummington Fairgrounds.  She requested a wine,mead and beer license for the two week-ends.  They will have TIPS trained/certified bartender on duty at all times.  Motion made, seconded and voted unanimously to grant the wine, mead and beer license for the two week-ends July 21-22 and July 28-29.  Angela did provide certificate for the bartender. Last year it was held in one section of the sheep showing barn closely monitored and roped off.  

The Board reviewed a proposed letter to Shawn Armacost, Chairman of the Central Berkshire Reg. School Committee regarding OPEB (Other Post-Employment Benefits) and any future meetings regarding Cummington’s impending effort to leaver the School District.    Chairman Sears will come tomorrow to sign the letter.

Alan Douglas came to discuss the HUT at BTES and our plans to move forward with change of use.

He will attend our next meeting.

Our next meeting is May 31, 2018.

Meeting adjourned at 9:20 p.m.

Respectfully submitted,

Monica M. Vandoloski, Clerk

Cc: various boards