November 2, 2017

A meeting of the Board of Selectmen took place on November 2, 2017.  Present were:  Russell L. Sears, III, William F. Adams, Monica Vandoloski, Roger Gunn, Michael Perkins (Police Chief), James Kitchen, Marc Hoechstetter, and Howard Bronstein (Plainfield Selectman).

Meeting called to order at 7:02 p.m.

Signing bills and warrants

Minutes of October 19, 2017 meeting were accepted as printed by unanimous vote.

Motion was made, seconded and voted unanimously to approve the package store license for the Old Creamery Co-Operative for 2018.

Motion was made, seconded and voted unanimously that Chairman Sears sign four lien discharges for the Community Development Block Grant Program regarding Arnold, Hausrath, Preston and Waryjas.

The Local Cultural Council requested that John Bye be named to the Cultural Council for a term of three years.  A motion was made, seconded and voted unanimously to appoint John Bye to the Local Cultural Council Board for three years effective November 2, 2017.

James Kitchen of Chesterfield (sculptor) came to talk about the Days End sculpture that he is placing at the Old Creamery Co-Op for a year.  This will start with November 4 & 5 the celebration of their fifth anniversary.  The sculpture weighs 1 ½ ton so he would like Cummington to be known as Cummington1/2 for the day to bring some attention to the great spot the Old Creamery Co-op.  We saw no problem with it for the day hoping folks knew it was because of ton and a half and only for the day.

Roger reported that skylights repair at BTES will be on Tuesday and hopefully the punch list will be the finish of the roof project.

Roger also reported that the leak in the boiler room will be repaired this week coming.

Marc Hoechstetter spoke about Luther Shaw Road in need of some repair in the very near future.  He brought it to our attention so that it could get some attention next year.  

Howard Bronstein(Plainfield Selectman) came to discuss the Animal Control position here in Cummington and also in Plainfield.  Casey Dwyer is the Animal Control Officer in Plainfield working with Warren Kirkpatrick of Ashfield.  There is a class that Casey needs to attend to become certified as an Animal Control Officer.  This could work well if Cummington and Plainfield could share those expenses. The classes are held in the central part of the State plus he would be missing his employment while attending classes.  There are expenses involved, gas, tuition and compensation while attending those classes that need to be finalized.  Mr. Bronstein will get back to us with an agreement.  There are so many new rules regarding Animal Control duties what you can or cannot do.  This will be a great asset if Casey is willing to do both communities.

Mike Perkins spoke about attending a MEMA/FEMA training for an event of some magnitude.  We always think it cannot happen in our small Town but one never knows.   He stated that it was awesome and would like to bring some of the training to us in Town.  We can never be prepared enough.

We asked about FID/Pistol permit procedures – Mike gave us explanations of how the procedures are done and the time frame.  He also stated that there has been speeding on Nash Road since the new blacktop and that he has done some surveillance on that Road.

Bill spoke to him about Best Practices grant that we are receiving – implementation of the same and his involvement.  Molly from PVPC will also be involved with implementation.

Police Detail:  A motion was made, seconded and voted unanimously  to raise the detail rate to $45 an hour and $14 an hour for police cruisers effective November 1, 2017.  We discussed events such as funerals, Bryant Homestead or Renaissance Fair plus of course the Cummington Fair.  Mike explained he uses good judgment regarding number of hours etc.

It was good to report that the Green Communities application is gone and hopefully we will hear good news in the near future.  A lot of hard work by the Planning Board and others like Larry Smith from PVPC and Jim Barry of Mass Dept  Energy Resources.

Next meeting is November 16, 2017

Meeting adjourned at 9:20 p.m

Respectfully submitted

Monica M. Vandoloski, Clerk

Cc: various boards