Town of Cummington

Board of Health

Meeting Minutes




Present: BoH members: Jack Earls and Jim Wettereau.

Visitor: James Lebeau, of Goshen.


Meeting opened at 7:15 pm.


Visitor: James Lebeau is performing rehab on 194 Berkshire Trail, and inquired about the septic system’s location in relation to the existing well and the river.


Previous Minutes:  The 12-4-17 Minutes were approved with the addition of bracketed text (regarding double-pay for Veterans Day): [Subsequently, the BoH learned from the Treasurer and Select Board that double-hours won’t be allowed.]


Personnel changes: Judi Bogart, who has served on the Board of Health for more than a decade, has resigned. She will be missed. Jim Wettereau will now be the Board of Health Chairperson.


Meeting-days and start-time for BoH meetings: Beginning immediately, Board of Health meetings will return to the 1st and 3rd Tuesday each month. The starting-time, formerly 7:00pm, will now be 6:30pm. The next BoH meeting, therefore, will be Tuesday, January 2, 2018.


MAVEN coverage: Reed Sherrill, trainer for the Massachusetts Virtual Epidemiologic Network, has inquired who will be monitoring and updating the MAVEN online system on behalf of Cummington. An email dated

12-15-17 listed several options. Jim will see if a nurse who lives in Cummington would be interested.


Transfer Station:

Implementing Mandatory Recycling & Private Hauler Regulations: An email dated 12-7-17 from Kathleen Casey (Administrator for HRMC) includes a draft hauler letter and a list of local commercial refuse haulers. The BoH agreed a letter will be sent to all haulers on the list, but the BoH will pay particular attention to the ones already identified as conducting business in Cummington.

New Fencing / Vandalism at the Transfer Station: Sometime between the afternoon of Tuesday

12-5-17 and Wednesday evening, someone entered the TS office and spilled several items off the shelf onto the floor, tipped over the sharps bin, and kicked in the lid. The police were called, and Mike Perkins responded. He recommended a hasp and padlock for the office door, immediately. The BoH agreed the intruder likely entered through a gap in the fencing in the rear of the TS, past the open bin, the where the fence meets the rock cliff. Jack will contact New England Fencing for a quote.

Source for bagtags: The BoH discussed quotes from three sources, compared to the previous vendor. Quotes varied, but the offerings differed, so comparisons weren’t fully equivalent. Jim will request samples.

Eligibility for a $350 grant / Regulations for Refuse and Recycling: The Department of Environmental Protection offers a grant for posting onto the BoH website, “Board of Health Regulations for Refuse and Recycling Collection and Hauling.” The grant will be awarded yearly, on an ongoing basis. Jim has customized a template that was provided by HRMC. The BoH will discuss implementing the regulations.

Leak in rubbish compactor: Jim reported that an ongoing leak in the rubbish compactor has grown worse recently, and the company that sells and maintains Cummington’s TS equipment has been contacted. Tom Maguire, the company’s owner, will meet with Jim at the Transfer Station, tomorrow. They will discuss specifications and Maguire Equipment will provide a quote on a replacement for the rubbish compactor.


Adjourn: The meeting was adjourned at 8:30 pm.


Submitted, Corinne Sharkey, Recording Secretary