Town of Cummington

Board of Health

Meeting Minutes




Present: BoH members: Judi Bogart, Jack Earls, and Jim Wettereau.

Visitor: Monica Vandoloski, Select Board Member and Clerk (7:00 – 7:15).


Meeting opened at 7:00 pm.


Visitor: Monica Vandoloski discussed with the BoH the Town’s Rules and Regulations and how they relate to Transfer Station permits. She and the BoH discussed the permitting procedures and their enforcement. The Town of Cummington’s Rules and Regs give authority to put a lien on households that do not comply with permit-requirements. The BoH noted that previous research had determined that the permit is a user fee, so it cannot be taxed or included within Town taxes.


Previous Minutes:  The 9-18-17 Minutes and the 10-2-17 meeting notes from the (canceled) BoH meeting were approved as presented.


October 2nd HRMC Meeting: A Municipal Waste Ban Compliance Regulation was among the handouts provided at the Hilltown Resource Management Cooperative meeting. Jim will clarify to see if it is applicable to Cummington, a small town with few businesses, or if we can opt-out.


Transfer Station:

Annual DEP Third-Party Inspection of TS on Oct 3: Jim Wettereau, Kathleen Casey, and the third-party inspector participated in the inspection. Jim reported the Transfer Station received an “A+” response.


Domiciles with unsafe conditions: The several rental buildings at 6 Walker Road came to the Town’s attention after the Fire Department responded to a fire in one of the buildings. Judi will contact the MassDEP Health Inspector.


Adjourn: The meeting was adjourned at 8:45 pm.


Submitted, Corinne Sharkey, Recording Secretary