Town of Cummington

Board of Health

Meeting Minutes




Present: BoH members: Jack Earls and Jim Wettereau.


Meeting opened at 6:30 pm.


Previous Minutes:  The 1-2-18 Minutes were approved as presented.


Upcoming HRMC Meeting on Monday, Jan 22: Jim will attend the upcoming meeting of the Hilltown Resource Management Cooperative, and plans to discuss several topics. Among them, he will inquire about distributing 55 gallon recycling collection bins around Cummington, to expand recycling efforts. The bins will need to be delivered and retrieved from areas that are monitored (like the fairgrounds).


Transfer Station:


Jackets with warm linings for Transfer Station Attendants: On 1-10-18, Jim delivered three winter jackets to the TS attendants. The day was especially cold, and Bob and Robin both confirmed the jackets were keeping them warm. The spare jacket will be available for stand-in attendants, during laundering, and as-needed.

Trash permits for commercial haulers: The BoH reviewed additional modifications to the proposed cover letter that will be sent to local commercial refuse haulers. They agreed the entire rules and regulations will be enclosed in this year’s mailout, but will only be sent as-needed in the future. The proposed application form would include excerpts of the rules and regs, and its format will be similar to the form that is sent to residents for their annual permits. The secretary will send the finalized documents to BoH members prior to mailing them to each commercial hauler, before February’s BoH meeting.

New Fencing at the Transfer Station: New England Fencing is preparing a quote to fill the gap in the existing fencing. They plan to modify the rock ledge to make it vertical. Work won’t begin until spring.

New vendor for Bag Tags: The secretary will contact each of the three vendors to request physical samples of their proposed designs. One vendor provided a quote for sheets, one vendor may sell us tags by the roll, and the other vendor will clarify the format.


Adjourn: The meeting was adjourned at 7:45 pm.


Submitted, Corinne Sharkey, Recording Secretary