Town of Cummington

Board of Health

Meeting Minutes




Present: BoH members: Judi Bogart and Jack Earls.


Meeting opened at 7:00 pm.


Previous Minutes:  The 5-15-17 Minutes were approved as presented.


Transfer Station:


50% Recycling goal: The BoH reviewed and customized the educational document provided by Kathleen Casey, Administrator for the Hilltown Resource Management Cooperative (HRMC), indicating that Cummington’s recycling was 34%, a 1.8% improvement over 2015. A goal of 50% recycling has been set, making Cummington eligible for grants from the State. The document will be posted on the Town’s home-page and on the BoH website, and will be mailed with FY2018 permits and additional recycling guidelines. The 50% goal document will also be available for residents at the TS office.


Propane Tanks & Fire Extinguishers: The BoH reviewed guidelines provided by HRMC, and fine-tuned the costs on the “Fees for Large Items,” which has been revised to include both 1 lb and 20 lb propane tanks, and also fire extinguishers. Judi will contact the BoH fire extinguisher vendor to ask them to confirm the stringent guidelines. The secretary will provide the updated fees to the BoH webmaster.


Sharps: Judi will contact Stericycle, to have them pick up two full bins of used needles that have been collected at the TS.


Sheep and Wool Fair: Judi reported that the booths at the fair were all well-maintained.


Phone and fax numbers for the Board of Health:  The BoH confirmed they had not yet received a response from the Select Board regarding the unused BoH fax phone line.


MAVEN (Massachusetts Virtual Epidemiologic Network): The secretary reported there are two cases of lyme disease that are currently open in the MAVEN system. Boards of Health are responsible for monitoring and reporting on local cases of tick-borne diseases, among various other diseases in the MAVEN system.


Adjourn: The meeting was adjourned at 8:45 pm.


Submitted, Corinne Sharkey, Recording Secretary