Town of Cummington

Board of Health

Meeting Minutes


Present: BoH members: Judi Bogart and Jack Earls. 

Meeting opened at 7:00 pm.

Previous Minutes:  The 5-1-17 Minutes were approved as presented.

Transfer Station: 

Cover for the Construction and Demolition (C&D) open bin:  The BoH discussed the 5-8-17 email from architect Jeff Penn. His email explained how the Conservation Commission chair indicated the electronics shed needs to be relocated to permit water flow mitigation (the swale). Relocating it forward might allow enough space for such a swale and check dam but part of the nearby ledge may need to be removed (as there is very little available space within the transfer station fencing).  The secretary will acknowledge his email and thank him for his services.

50% Recycling goal: Kathleen Casey, Administrator for the Hilltown Resource Management Cooperative (HRMC), has indicated that 34% of Cummington’s volume is recycling. The State will provide grants to communities that set a goal of 50% recycling. The BoH agreed. The secretary will email Ms. Casey to say the BoH has agreed and will have the BoH website updated with an educational document that HRMC will provide.

Propane Tanks & Fire Extinguishers: The Transfer Station’s list of “Fees for Large Items” will need to be updated to specify both 1 lb and 20 lb propane tanks, and will also need to include fire extinguishers. The revised list will then be updated on the BoH website. This will meet requirements from the State. (The State requirements were provided by Kathleen Casey of HRMC.)

Snowblower: Judi reported that the snowblower has been fine-tuned and was put into storage for the summer months.

Safety Jackets for TS Attendants: The BoH discussed items in a Working Person’s Store catalog. They selected a lightweight waterproof jacket that is designed with a highly-visible color and reflective trim. Judi will order three jackets to be used at the Transfer Station.

Phone and fax numbers for the Board of Health:  Judi spoke with Monica Vandoloski of the Select Board regarding the BoH phone and fax numbers. The BoH agreed the phone’s greeting will include alternate phone numbers for urgent matters and messages on the answering machine will be retrieved routinely. The secretary will notify the Select Board of this, and will indicate that the BoH has received only 2 faxes in 3 years, via the Select Board’s fax machine. The BoH recommended getting rid of the BoH fax number.

Sheep and Wool Fair, May 26, 27, 28: Judi and Jack coordinated schedules for inspecting booths at the fair.

Adjourn: The meeting was adjourned at 8:00 pm.

Submitted, Corinne Sharkey, Recording Secretary