Ad Hoc Education Committee

January 22, 2018

7:30 Cummington Community House

Committee members present:  Jill Figlozzi, Josh Wachtel

Absent: Niki Wortis

-The committee drafted a letter to Central Berkshire School Committee from the Town of Cummington – proposed financial terms of Cummington’s withdrawal from the district.  Draft to be submitted to the Selectboard.

-A representative of the Ad Hoc Education Committee and the Selectboard will reach out to Worthington School Committee in response to their invitation to meet to negotiate a tuition agreement between the two towns upon Cummington’s withdrawal from CBRSD.

-The committee updated the working draft of projected education expenses and identified areas that need more research, specifically for an updated census of where Cummington’s school age children are being education this year.

-Next meeting to be scheduled sometime after all boards meeting on Thursday, February 1st.

-Minutes of tonight’s meeting approved, to be posted on town website