Cummington Council On Aging


6 July 2017    

A. Welcome: Thank you for attending

B. Secretary’s Report

C. Corresponding Secretary’s Report

D. Treasurer’s Report

Memorial Fund _______________

Town Account  _______________

Formula Grant  _______________

Petty Cash ___________________

E. Bills and Accounts

F. Communications

G. Outreach

H. Coordinator and Highland Valley Reports

I. Old Business

  1. Program Ideas  

July    Dale Griffith?

September     Roger Tincknell

  2. Monday Coffee Hour & Healthy Bones and Body class  

  3. Welcoming Cards

    4. By-Laws Review Sub-Committee

  5. Living Fully, Aging Gracefully, Befriending Death Group

  6. Plainfield Cares Study Group


  8. Moving Time Program

  9. Board Training

    10. Monthly Consortium Delegate

    11. Director Search Report

New Business


Next Meeting:      3 August 2017 at 9:30am