Cummington Recreation Committee Minutes

October 25, 2016

Attendance: Amy, Gerry, Donna, Laurie, Niki

Meeting began at 7:05pm

Donna reviewed bills paid.

The committee reviewed the plan for the Halloween celebration. Donna has purchased candy and filled the bags for the children.  Amy will contact Bernie to see if he can do a call.

The committee discussed the plan for having Santa come to the gazebo.  December 10th from 10-11 was decided upon. We will serve doughnut holes, hot chocolate.  Donna may not be around, Gerry and Laurie will be out of town and so will Niki.  Amy and Dennis will work together on it and possibly Jen.

Ideas were discussed about the next Family Fun Events for the winter.

Meeting adjourned at 7:40

Next meeting November 29th 7pm

-Amy Grallert