Cummington MLP Board Agenda



Cummington Community House


Approve minutes 5/2/18 meeting

New Business 

Vote and assign roles to Newly elected MLP Board

        B. MLP managers report: WG&E updates, mapping updates-4 fiberhoods, Meeting-trenching

C.MLP managers

Do we need a presubscription campaign.

2.Do we need a 18 month to 2 year subscription campaign where we don’t punish late subscribers.

3. Meeting-trenching 

a.Possibly use ug for multi pole driveways.

b.Should we have WG+E put a reel of ug somewhere for residents w long drops to pre buy.

D.Should MLP offer help to homeowners who can’t afford the long drop. Possible loan w payback on monthly subscription payment.

     3. Old Business

        A.Fiber Hut- update: building inspector, BT building

classification/selectboard, locks, phone. 

        B. Bills/Budget Status-prep for meeting with town accountant

        4. Committee Business: 

Communications: New webpages in TC site  flier, meetings


Next actions/jobs/task

Next meeting