Cummington Historical Commission

November 16, 2016

7:00 PM – Old Parsonage

Present: Pat Keith, Scott Keith, Stephen Buckley, Stephen Howes, Larry Slezak, Carla Ness, Karen Westergaard

The October 26, 2016 minutes were accepted with changes, Carla Ness 1st, Stephen Howes 2nd.  Note to all – There will be no meeting in December, therefore these minutes need to be finalized to be submitted within ten days.

The winterizing for the Kingman Tavern has been completed – signs brought in, toilet has antifreeze.  The cider mil and carriage shed roofs have been checked and should be painted in the spring.  Stephen Buckley has suggested we contact Jim Nelson in our previous meeting.  The #38 street sign is back in place and Larry Slezak will paint a sign to place on the Old Parsonage.

The alarm went off at the KT and Scott Keith had to respond.  The alarm company reported that the motion detector in the tavern room was activated.  Are there mice or a cat in the KT?  Mouse poison has been set out in previous years.  CN made a motion to set out mouse poison which SH 2nd, SB abstained.  Larry will get poison at Cummington Supply and set out in the KT.

CN, SH and Karen Westergaard began work archiving and identifying items brought over from the KT to the OP.  It was suggested that the large tables donated to the Commission by Helen Larkin be set up in the big room so that there is more space for organizing and placing completed things.

PK, CN, SB and KW received copies of Christine Ritok’s (Historic Deerfield) letter to Bill Streeter (WWS) regarding the Masonic chairs and other items in the KT collection, WWS thank you letter to CR and a letter to the commission regarding the care of several important pieces in our possession.  Recommendations made by CR and WWS will be discussed in a future meeting.

Two Masons from Boston and Tom Weiner will be coming to the OP on Tuesday, November 22 at 1:30.  Tom Weiner is interested in Florence Streeter album about Henry Streeter’s service in WWII, which includes V-mail.  LS and KW will meet them at the OP on that day.

Our financial advisor, Richard Rodgers suggests we put the money from our CD which has come due into a 1 year CD at 0.75%.  LS made the motion to reinvest $25,000 and KW 2nd, all agree.

KW will continue to write thank you notes until Jessy can be approached to become corresponding secretary.  [Please give details when requesting a thank you note be sent.]

A painting by WW Spofford of the house which once existed on Powell Road, OOC house #328, was presented to SH by Betty Frair whose house is presently at the site.  This house was once lived in by very early Cummington settlers.  Information about the artist is not found on the Internet.

Our chairperson, PK, requests that emails which require a response be answered by commissioners in a timely manner.  Her request for approval to spend $200 or less for decorations and supplies for the Christmas in the Country at the Bryant Homestead motioned by CN and LS 2nd.  All approve.  Discussion of purchasing wreaths for the KT and OP, and six window candles for the OP also approved.

PK will let Carrie Cranston know that the CHC is interested in the ER Elmer portraits.

WWS has returned the 8mm and 16mm films of the KT Dedication.  Mark DeMaranville has made recent tapes of Hannah Streeter and WWS.  Both will need to be converted to DVD.

SH reviewed the lecture he attended at the Goshen Historical Society about the “mystery tunnel.”

We will have a work bee on Saturday January 14 from 9:00 to 12:00 and also on February 4 from 9:00 to 12:00.  These will be in lieu of evening meetings for these two months.

KJW 11.17.2016