Cummington Historical Commission

November 15, 2017

Carla Ness, Scott Keith, Mike Daniels, Stephen Howes, Larry Slezak, Karen Westergaard

October 18, 2017 minutes accepted with the following corrections: paragraph 3 – Parsona[age]; paragraph 4 – add “donated by Bob Giles.”  CN 1st, SH & MD 2nd.

MD & SH have sprayed the barn for the powder post beetles.  MD & LS have put plastic over barn items, turned off water, and put on storm door.  Denny wants to put a new water meter in the Old Parsonage and turn off water to the Kingman Tavern.  CN and KW have “ghosted in the KT and put the fabrics away.  CN closed the attic windows.  Things from Halloween were put away.

There is no Treasurer’s report tonight.  SK waiting for Town to complete annual report.

This past Monday afternoon, CN attended memorial service for Richard Wilbur.  It was not well publicized – it appeared in the Country Journal, not the Gazette.  Church not quite packed.

Movement of books from the KT to the OP under discussion.  The books for sale in the General Store, which are stored under the table may be moldy.  This is not an ideal location for selling books in the summer.  When the museum is open, perhaps book samples could be displayed on the porch?

We may want to meet in December briefly to review annual reports should they become available.

How much “refugee” art do we have for the KT anniversary this summer?  Gustav Wolf, Koenigsberger, book on Wolf, woodblock for prints of the red house.  Take stills from The Cummington Story and enlarge.  Include other Cummington artists like Phil Hicken?

How many people would be interested in an Elmer exhibit?

Winter projects: CN and KW to continue cataloging donated items.  Also have Sue Riley and Karen Barker with help archiving and organizing the file cabinets into acid free folders and sleeves.  LS and MD will look into “cans” for the OP track lights and building bookcases for the library/meeting room.

MD has a 5-gallon pail which he will fill with sand and bring to the OP for the stone steps.  Thank you, Mike.

OP needs a towel rack in the bathroom – steal the one from the men’s room in the KT?  Also look to see if there is a mirror somewhere to hang in there.

12/5.2017 KJW