Cummington Historical Commission

October 18, 2017

Carla Ness, Pat Keith, Scott Keith, Mike Daniels, Stephen Howes, Karen Westergaard

September 27, 2017 minutes were accepted without changes.  CN 1st, SH 2nd

Photos of Jay Dunham’s mother’s family were found in the Old Parson[age].  They are not related to Cummington.  Unanimous approval, CN 1st, MD 2nd, to send to Jay.  CHC will retain photos of Cummington Dunhams.  Also found were photos related to Plainfield Dunhams.  Send these to the Plainfield Historical Commission/Society – SH 1st, LS 2nd.

Copy of text from George Shultz’s letter regarding the “dollar bill” to display in the Kingman Tavern.  Original letter is fading – CN put acid free paper in back, LS suggest acid-free sleeve.

Giles hand-written sermons donated to the CHC and have been placed in the Giles family folder in file cabinet.  [donated by Bob Giles]

People (Larry’s Saturday) from CT, great aunt related to Alice Steele.  SH separated into piles related to Cummington and neighboring towns.  Voted to mail to the things to the other commissions/society, CN 1st, LS 2nd.  KW will send.

Ask Sue Riley and Karen Barker, who has been a guide, if they are interested in assisting with archiving.

Richard Wilbur has died.  Is there a memorial service?  LS will print New York Times article.  Other obits?

LS contacted MassSave for energy audit.  After much misdirection, it was established that the Kingman Tavern is NOT a residence.  Commercial audits are related to heating, which the KT does not have.  We should consider buying LED lighting on our own.

LS has oiled KT padlock and it now closes easily.

MD and LS will meet on Saturday at 1:00 to turn off water, put it storm door, check windows in attic and remove screens, and put the barn to sleep.  MD donating a sprayer, vinegar and Dawn.  Order Boracare from Cummington Supply for powder post beetles in barn.  Get new plastic for covering items.

Larry hopes to build shelves for the OP library this winter.

What is the backup plan for the OP when there is an ice storm and/or we lose power?

Treasurer’s report was accepted – CN 1st, MD 2nd

Halloween Rag Shag will be October 28.  Carla will repeat last year’s appearance if Laura Sheridan and her famous caramel, and Hannah Streeter are interested.

We will need to inventory condition of books in the KT loft.

SH met members of the Ashfield Historical Commission/Society, who were impressed with the number of Elmer portraits we have.  Move the ones in the KT to the OP for the winter.

No meetings in December and January.  February a possibility as this coming summer will be 50th anniversary of the KT and we need to start planning: hurricane of ’38, Richard Wilbur?


Move genealogy files from KT?

MD has 2 drawer file cabinet to donate, LS may have 5 drawer flat file cabinet.

Adjourn – LS 1st, KW 2nd

Next meeting November 15, 2017.

KJW October 24, 2017