Cummington Historical Commission

May 16, 2018

7:00 PM

Present: Larry Slezak, Susan Riley, Karen Westergaard, Mike Daniels, Carla Ness, Scott Keith

The unofficial minutes of the April 2018  non-meeting were unanimously accepted via email.  There was no quorum.

The Treasurer’s Report was accepted, CN 1st, LS and MD 2nd.

An entry for the William W Streeter History Award from Sunny Eiseman was received by mail.  Although she now lives in Williamsburg, she grew up in Cummington and was a guide it the Kingman Tavern for three years.  Her essay is terrific and all agreed that she should receive the scholarship. SR 1st, MD 2nd

Betsy Barrows has requested a list of those who made donations in memory of Stephen.  Mark DeMaranville also asked.  Betsey would like to send thank you cards.  Betsey says her donation check has not been cashed.  SK will look into it.

May 22, Tuesday 10:00 AM – LS and MD will meet at the KT to turn on the water, put out signs, remove plastic in barn, etc.

SR hung up a dustpan with the sample removable hooks.  These hooks will be used for hanging exhibit pieces and will hold up to 20 pounds.

MD will make shelves in the closet off the library for stashing cleaning supplies, or those things might go on shelves under the sink in the kitchen (if we build them).  Also, he will make a dress form to display a garment yet to e chosen.  Perhaps a photo from a portrait could be used for the head.

May 23, Wednesday 10:00 AM – CN, KW, focus on clean-up at the OP.  Store stuff yet to be archived.  Put in bins and place in attic temporarily.

SK will ask Pat if she is interested in cleaning the KT.

June 15, Friday 10:00 AM Work Bee

MD does not have a good set of keys.  PK is in touch with Jessy and will ask for her keys back.

Hannah Streeter’s father Alan has passed.   Send condolence card.

July Saturdays at the KT

July 14, CN & KW

July 21, LS & MD

July 28, The Event for All

SR will continue doing hospitality at the KT

PK says she will do the last weekend in August.

Has PK contacted anyone about being a guide?  SR will write a request for guides to insert in the GWM and ask Steve Philbrick about the West Cummington Church notices.  KW to post on CHC web site.  Perhaps Town website?  SR will ask Karen Barker if she will guide again this year.

Make poster of news articles from the Kingman Tavern Opening Day.

CN will contact Steve Philbrick about 15 minute talk.

Read something of Richard Wilbur’s.

Sunny to read essay – ask her in scholarship letter.

Connie Talbot has not had time to go through the box of things from her grandfather, Rev. Carl Sangree, but perhaps she can talk about how the idea to accept refugees came about or a story about CS.

LS will see if he can capture screen shots from The Cummington Story, ie Wolf at The Cummington Press, Koenigsbergers, the woodstove gang.

LS will see if Steve Unkles can covert Jack LaBrie’s 8 mm film of the KT opening day to digital.

EVENT: Working, to be published in newspapers

1:00 - Opening

1:30 and 4:00 – showing of the Cummington Story in OP Library

2:00 - Remarks

3:00 (30 minutes) – Greenwood Music Camp

Meeting adjourned 8:50 PM KJW 5/18/18