Cummington Historical Commission

March 21, 2018

Present: Larry Slezak, Karen Westergaard, Mike Daniels, Carla Ness, Scott Keith

Maintenance Report:

Hamden Zimmerman had the track light cans for $22.80 each.  Larry ordered them through Cummington Supply.  Scott has received the CS bill for $393.60 which would make the cost $32.75 each.  Does this bill include the LED bulbs?

When Mike and Larry entered the Old Parsonage to install the track lights, the alarm system did not disarm the first time so Larry entered the code again to clear.  Denny arrived because the alarm company had called him.  If it happens again, Donn Bolanger should be called.  [This happened to Stephen Howes once in the past.]

Scott checked his voicemail on his phone to see that the alarm company did call him.  He redialed the alarm company to check what number they were calling – OP or KT?  Call center said their call went to voicemail.

SK also at this time requested that Jessie McMahon, Stephen Howes and Steve Buckley be removed from the call list.  New call order: Pat Keith, Scott Keith, Carla Ness.

Mike checked in the Kingman Tavern to see if he could find the skunk entrance.

Treasurer’s Report

Invested funds are down to $607,000.  Richard Rogers suggested that we wait before reinvesting the money from our matured CD as the interest rates would rise soon.

The CHC received a $100 donation in memory of Stephen Howes from the Hillside Agricultural Society.  [Thank you sent via Karen Rida.]  Also memorial donations of $100 from Larry and Judy, Carla and Chris.  [Thank you.]

Archivists’ Reports

The third room card catalog drawer from the KT has been entered completely into the computer.  That part of the project is now complete.

Carla received a box of Stephen Howes’ things from Betsy Barrows – more to come.

Carla emailed the town that they could store their microfiche in the OP and reminded them the building is climate controlled but not museum quality.  Also subject to electrical outages.

Secretary’s Report

The February 21, 2018 minutes were accepted as is - LS 1st, CN 2nd

Karen made a motion that our William Streeter two $1,000 scholarships be changed to one $2,000 scholarship. LS 1st, CN 2nd, MD agrees.

KJW 3.27.2018