Cummington Council On Aging Minutes

4 August 2016 

A. Secretary Worth Noyes opened the meeting at 9:35am by thanking everyone for attending. Elliot Ring chaired the meeting when he got there. Other members in attendance were: Peg Daniels, Edith Morton, Anne Parsons, COA Director Carolyn Urekew, visitor Barbara Murphy and Consortium Outreach Director Peg Whalen and Susan Bronstein. 

B. Minutes  

   1. Upon a motion made by Peg Daniels and seconded by Anne Parsons, it was

        VOTED: To accept as written the Minutes of the 7 July 2016 meeting as


C. Corresponding Secretary’s Report    Peg Daniels reported:

   1. The one July birthday card was sent to Board member Worth Noyes.

   2. Thank you cards will be sent to those who made major donations for the picnic

   2. Members signed a think of you card for Sue Forgea.

   3. A thinking of you card will be sent to Linda Streeter.

D. Treasurer’s Report       Edith Morton reported:

Memorial Fund               $385.98

Town Account       3621.50  (FY 17)

Formula Grant     (368.53)

Petty Cash         70.18

E. Bills and Accounts:  The members considered and signed the warrant for: 

    1. $420.00 for Carolyn Urekew‘s 28 hours in July.

    2. $160.00 to Ida Pierce for Neighbor-To-Neighbor driving.

F. Communications  

    1. The donations were received, prompted by the request in the newsletter.

G. Coordinator and Highland Valley Reports    

    1. No report due to summer recess.

I. Old Business 

   1) Program Ideas:

       a) Luncheon Programs:

July The PICNIC and Volunteer Recognition 58 attended, $68.00 donated

Aug. Burgers and Dogs  Picnic planned

4 August 2016 Minutes page 2


Oct. Davis Bates – Halloween/Harvest music and story telling

Nov. Thanksgiving Feast

Dec. Christmas Banquet

        b) Monday Coffee Hour is perking along.

   2) Tap Dancing Classes are still dancing on Wednesdays at 4:00pm.

   3) Rides to Pot Luck Luncheons  Carolyn Urekew reported:

        a) Dottie Grimes is now a frequent rider; Jane Emerson is too.

        b) Peg Whalen is willing to invite isolated seniors and offer rides to lunch

   4) New COA Board Members  

        a) The Selectmen did not appoint Lee Aushenbach to COA Board because 

she is not a resident of the town.

        b) Upon a motion made by Worth Noyes and seconded by Anne Parsons,

            it was VOTED: To ask the Selectmen to appoint Barbara Murphy to the

C.O.A. Board of Directors.        

   5) Movie Matinees 

        a) The return of this program is being evaluated.

        b) It was suggested that more people are interested in documentaries.

        c) Another suggestion show and discuss a movie like “On Golden Pond.”

   6) Phone Directory is gaining in ads and is still in production.

   7) Welcome Cards are still a work in progress.

   8) Healthy Bones and Balance Class   Anne Parsons reported:

        a) Four people are involved and more are expected in the fall.

   9) Luncheon Tables and Chairs Set Up

       a) Volunteers are needed.

J. New Business  

   1) We will look into CDC sponsored HEN drivers to supplement our transportation


   2) On August 18 at 1:00pm there will be a retirement party for Ellie Loomis


   3) Susan Bronstein announced that there will be a Consortium Community 

      Fair probably at the Chesterfield Senior Center during which a Community

      Credits program will be introduced.

   4) Peg Whalen talked about the need to develop an Outreach Team to map

       spot the residences of seniors by their birth year.

       a) One map will go the Fire/Rescue people and the other to the COA.

   5) Peg Whalen presented a chart showing the percentage by decade of

senior citizens in Cummington.

K. Adjournment 

   Upon a motion made by Worth Noyes and seconded by Edith Morton, it was

VOTED: To adjourn the meeting. Meeting adjourned at 11:40am.

Next meeting: 1 September 2016 at 9:30am

Respectfully submitted, Worth H. Noyes