Cummington Council on Aging




Recording Secretary – Minutes of February meeting:           motion ___    seconded ___

Corresponding Secretary’s Report


Get Well / Thinking of You



Treasurer’s Report 

Memorial Fund ___________________

Town Account ____________________

Formula Grant ____________________ 

Petty Cash _______________________

Bills and Accounts



Director, Consortium and Highland Valley Reports

Old Business

Program Ideas: 

March – Corned Beef and Cabbage meal – showing of “The Cummington Story”

April –Dorset Anderson – Donut Dollies

May – Davis Bates “Sea Songs and Stories”  

June – ?Board of Health?

July – picnic

Healthy Bones & Balance

Coffee Hour 

New board members

By-Laws review 

Article for Gazette and Country Journal on search for board members 

Plan for providing a main dish for potluck lunches 

Procedure for storage of medical equipment in basement

New Business

New board members 

Property tax – In 2002 the Property Tax Bureau put in place a process where towns could change the rules (lower age requirement and increase income)  We will need to write a warrant and present it at the annual town meeting to be put to vote

Are You Okay forms

Neighbor to Neighbor drivers – do we need to develop a policy for approved rides

Develop a “mission statement” 

Mailing to seniors “Meet your Neighbors” and wish list for programs – 6 week programs  

Memory Cafe

Adjournment     ___________        motion ___     seconded ___

Next Meeting: April 5, 2018 at 11:00 am