List of Cummington offices and people running for 2018 election On May 14, 2018, 

Selectman 3 year term Monica Vandoloski 6 Potash Hl Ext. 

James Drawe 28 Wilder Rd

Tax Collector 3 year term Susan Warriner 84A Berkshire Trl 

Assessor 3 year term Samuel Konieczny 58 Nash Rd

Moderator 1 year term Donna Forgea 6 Porter Hl Rd

Vocational School Committee 

3 year term Sharon Cunningham 25 Main St

Almoner of Charitable Funds 

3 year term Joyce A Wiernasz 12 Swift River Rd

Commissioner of Trust Funds

3 year term Amanda Savoie 19 Harlow Rd

Commissioner of Trust Funds

2 year term Kenneth Howes 3 Nash Rd

Water Commissioner 3 year term Tomasz Jaracz 22 Main St

Trustee of Bryant Library 5 year term   Eliza Dragon 8 Beechwood Rd

Finance Committee 3 year term Maureen Tumenas 523 Berkshire Trl

Scott B Keith 44 Main St

Board of Health 1 year term James Wettereau 523 Stage Rd

3 year term John Earls 3 River Rd

Planning Board 5 year term Kalyan Uprichard 76 Porter Hl Rd

4 year term Lee Fournier-Lewis 11 Porter Hl Rd

Cummington Recreational Committee

3 year terms Amy Grallert 23 Main ST

Donna Forgea 6 Porter Hl Rd

Laurie A Freitag 235 Porter Hl Rd

Municipal Light Plant Board

1 year Scott Keith 44 Main St

2 year Brenda Arbib   55 Main St

2 year Michael Perkins 94 Fairgrounds Rd

3 year Allan Douglas 25 Nash Rd

3 year Maureen Tumenas 523 Berkshire Trl

Hampshire Council of Government  

3 year term James A Drawe 28 Wilder Rd

Donna C Jordan

Cummington Town Clerk