Cummington Annual Town Election Results

May 14, 2018

The polls were open, the ballot box declared empty and working properly. Voting began at 1 p.m. and ended at 8 p.m., after 181 voters voted, resulting in the following elected officials:

Selectman for three years Monica M Vandoloski 163

James A Drawe   18

Tax Collector for three years Susan Warriner 166

Assessor for three years Samuel Konieczny 156

Moderator for one year Donna L. Forgea 150

Vocational School Committee for three years Sharon Cunningham 162

Almoner of Charitable Funds for three years Joyce A Wiernasz 153

Commissioner of Trust Funds for two years Kenneth Howes 161 

Commissioner of Trust Funds for three years Amanda Savoie 150

Water Commissioner for three years Tomasz Jaracz 155 

Trustee of the Bryant Free Library for five years Eliza Dragon 161 

Finance Committee for three years Maureen L Tumenas 152

Scott B Keith 152

Board of Health for three years John G Earls 158

Board of Health for one year James Wettereau 149

Planning Board for five years Kalyan Uprichard 142 

Planning Board for four years Lee Fournier-Lewis 148

Cummington Recreation Pettingill Memorial

      Field Committee for three years Amy Grallert 159

Donna L Forgea 146

Laurie A Freitag 149

Municipal Light Plant Board for one year Scott B Keith 148

Municipal Light Plant Board for two years Brenda S Arbib 153

Michael A Perkins II 150

Municipal Light Plant Board for three years Allan Douglas 153

Maureen L Tumenas 151

Hampshire Council of Gov’t for three years James A Drawe 133

Such are the results of this Annual Town Election.                             


Cummington Town Clerk,   Donna C. Jordan, on May 17, 2018