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From Amanda Savoie, Tax Collector

Posted on 11/03/19

The following info is provided by Amanda Savoie, Tax Collector: The Fiscal Year 2020 bills erroneously added interest to the total amount due. This was a system error. Please disregard this amount. No interest charges are due if paid prior to the Nov 27th deadline.  Use the Nov 27th, 2019 amount ...

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Now Is the Time for Sign Ups!


Cummington Residents,

As many of you are aware, we had to put off the trenching for all underground conduits this fall. Now, we are back on track, and expect to proceed with these in the spring.

The document that you submitted was not a commitment to the broadband service, but simply a property access form. No one has yet signed up for a subscription to Cummington Connect.

Now it is time for sign ups!

The special town meeting held on November 7th authorized a transfer of funding from the stabilization account, allowing us to move forward and commit to paying for the infrastructure and the drops (connections) all the way to the router for those who subscribe, and to the outside NID for those who wish to have an available connection for the future, but do not wish to subscribe. The sign up period for broadband subscriptions, and "cold drops" will be from November 16, 2019 through January 31, 2020. The Cummington MLP will pay in full for all those who sign up for the subscription or even the "cold drop" for the planned route. If you desire a different route for your fiber, other than the one designed, you will be charged any increase in price.

Info sessions with the folks from Whip City Fiber (our ISP) will take place on Saturday, November 16th, from 10am-12pm and again from 12 pm -2pm.  The reps from Whip City Fiber will be here, at the Community House to answer all of your questions about how this will work, about TV, streaming and more.  This is also the day our page on the website will go live and the actual signups will begin. You will be able to sign up either at the Community House on November 16th or online after that. Remember- you must sign up before January 31, 2020 for the MLP to cover the costs. If you wait, chances are you will have to pay for the connection out of pocket- minimally ~$700 for a short aerial connection (much more for longer or underground) + $250 to roll a truck out just for you.

In Summary: You need to sign up if you want either broadband service or just the drop to your house

  • November 16 -Community House Info Session with ISP- get all your questions answered
  • Signups- November 16-January 31
  • Trenching for underground connections in the spring
  • When will you actually have broadband? As soon as we can get it to you... sometime in the spring
  • Hope to see everyone Saturday the 16th of November at the Community House, either 10AM - 12PM or 12PM - 2PM.

I gave $49 a few years back.

That $49 was to Wired West and we are no longer affiliated with them. If you signed up with Wired West in the past, you may apply for a refund of your deposit on their website.

MLP Hiccup is Cured


In a Special Town meeting last night, Thursday 11/7/19, the town voted to move a sum of money from the Stabalization Account to an MLP Acount. This will now allow the MLP to pay for all drops to subscribers, who take service, and townspeople who only want the fiber to their home but not take service. The ability to fund all drops has been the hope of the MLP Board all through the process of building the Town owned FTTH (Fiber to the Home) Network. Covering the expense of the drop is the best way to reach a "Take Rate" that will keep the FTTH a viable Town owned service/utility for current and future residents.

A big THANK YOU to the town residents who showed up on a miserable Thursday night and gave us a ton of support to move forward.

The MLP Board and myself are pushing as hard as we can and the rock we are all pushing uphill just became a little smaller.

Goodwill Messenger - November 2019


Click here for November 2019  issue of the Goodwill Messenger.

MLP Hiccup


We have a change in plans since the 3 informational meetings we held this summer. We mentioned in those meetings there was a possibility that some of what was said could change. Well that has happened.

We are going back and reviewing our “Drop Policy” of full payment by the MLP. We might not be able to pay all costs all the way to the modem for everyone. This has been very disappointing for us and we are still trying to find a way to make this happen. As soon as a decision on “Drop Policy” is made we will announce it and continue to move forward.

 There is also a change in the plan of digging all the underground connections that would have required it before the ground freezes. A glimmer of hope that this could still happen is still out there but it will more than likely take place next Spring/Summer. 

 On the positive side the “hub or rack room” in the Berkshire Trail Building is moving along very well. Alterations to the room are completed. The electrical sub panels and generator switch will be finished. The HVAC for the room will be installed and we will be ready for WG+E to begin the installation of the fiber racks shortly. 

 As I said in those meetings a lot of the installation of our network was dependent upon the “Make Ready Work” being done by Verizon and Eversource. I explained in the meetings that that was a moving target. Well, the target moved back. Verizon is now scheduled to be finished by 12/6/19. Our contractor for putting up the backbone fiber can’t start until they are completed the “Make Ready” on their poles. However, if we have a mild winter the backbone fiber could be ahead of schedule and we could start subscriber connections in the Spring. 

 Reading through this I notice a lot of could, maybe, hope and other indefinite words. I have conversed with many of the other MLP Managers around us and they are all experiencing the same delays and setbacks. It seems that some of the contractors are finding that working in the Hilltowns is not as easy as the flatlands. We don’t all have 150 foot driveways.

 The MLP Board and myself are pushing as hard as we can but it’s a big rock and it’s all uphill.

 Stay tuned!

Message from COA New Coordinator



Hello everyone. I am thrilled to be the Council on Aging’s new coordinator. I have lived in the hilltowns for 18 years with my husband and our three children. We moved from Worthington to Cummington four years ago. When not at work, I am busy homeschooling my kids, gardening, taking care of our chickens, cats and horses and squeezing in a free moment here and there to knit or sew.

I hope to continue the wonderful programs that the COA currently offers and perhaps develop an- other one or two that interests you. Something with music perhaps? Please reach out to me with any questions, suggestions, concerns, or just to say hello. My office hours are Tuesdays 9 a.m. to 1 p.m. and Thursdays 4 to 8 p.m. Stop by or call (634-2262).

I’d also like to express my gratitude to Anne for all her help over the past month. She has been cheerful and tireless in helping make this a smooth transition.

I look forward to meeting you, Chrisoula

Latest Cummington MLP News


The Cummington MLP distributed a new brochure in locations around town. For a downloadable PDF of the brochure click here.

Underground Connections Cummington Broadband Newsletter



bsnsscrdfsa400px.pngCummington’s Fiber to the Home network, which will pass by every home in Cummington, is moving forward.  Utility poles in town have been mapped and measured. Applications for each pole to begin “make ready work”, have been submitted to Verizon and NSTAR(Eversource). This will get the poles ready to carry the fiber along its path. 

We are writing to ask if the electric and or phone lines that feed your house are buried. If so, please fill out the Underground Utilities Form. We need to have these questions answered, as we hope to have some of this work completed before the ground freezes. Our goal is to have the network up and running by September, 2019.


Please take the time to fill out the form at:



For general information about the project go to:


If you have questions please contact us at


Thank you, 

The Cummington Municipal Light Board

Allan Douglas, Manager 


With so many towns building out now, both the utilities and WG&E will work as fast as they can to get the networks up and running, and we hope to have all of Cummington served by the fall of 2019.


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