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Goodwill Messenger - January 2018


Click here for January 2018  issue of the Goodwill Messenger.  

MLP Update November 2017


We continue to meet with the MLPs of neighboring towns and Whip City Fiber (Westfield Gas + Electric) as our fiber project moves forward. You have probably seen the Precision Valley crews out doing the pole mapping needed for the make ready work and design.

The majority of the pole mapping is complete. We are in the process of reviewing the maps with WCF and are making adjustments as needed. This will lead to the design of our fiber network so we are looking to make sure that they cover all of the town. Our goal as we have said before is to pass every residence so that everyone that wants broadband will be able to subscribe.

 As the number of towns beginning the fiber to the home process increases, the "turn on" date for our system has been pushed back to an estimated date of the end of April 2019, instead of the previous estimate of December 2018. Again, these are still estimated dates, subject to change. One of the reasons for the push back of our date is that with all the towns applying for "make ready work" the utility companies are being swamped. The "make ready work" requires them to go out and make changes if needed to make room for the fiber on the poles in each town. We apply for the change, they review the change, they approve the change, they invoice us for the change, we pay the invoice, and then they schedule the work. You can see it will all take time.

We are meeting with the MLPs of other towns to solve "edge issues." Many of you know that some of our residents are served by either power or telephone from other towns ( the phrase "You can't get there from here" applies, read it with a yankee drawl ). WCF is also working with the towns on solving these challenges. Some solutions are - rent fiber from the other town, run a strand of our fiber, lastly the resident may have to be a subscriber to the other town (only as a last solution).

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Stay tuned we keep moving forward.


Mapping for Fiber Network Today 10/6/17

We will be mapping in the following areas today:
Luther Show Rd
Upper Bryant Rd
 Potash Hill Rd
 Stage Rd
 Lightning Bug Rd
 Shawbrook Rd
Plainfield Rd
Mellor Rd
 Berkshire Trail
In addition, we will also have a person QC'ing in various locations around town today. 
Thank you,

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Cummington Municipal Light Plant(MLP) receives money to start fiber network


The Cummington Municipal Light Plant(MLP),  has received the initial payment of the $390,000 to begin the make ready process to build the town’s broadband network. We have signed a contract with Whip City of Westfield Gas and Electric, (WG&E). Monday September 11, the MLP board will meet with WG&E in Cummington, for the official kick off and to begin the town pole survey. So when you see workers on the roads of Cummington or coming up your driveway, welcome them as we are finally off and running! Allan Douglas, is the town's MLP manager, and may be contacted at

Cummington Broadband (CBC) Committee Recommendations

Cummington Broadband (CBC) Committee Recommendations

The CBC has actively pursued the options available to the town of Cummington. Representatives attended:  

  • Worthington meeting on  Massachusetts General Law 30B related topics state funding, January 27, 2017

  • Wired West, Regional Broadband Solution, January 28, 2017

  • MBI meeting to the obtain input from towns, February 22, 2017

  • Westfield Gas and Electric presentation in Charlemont, March 6, 2017

  • Crocker Communications has addressed our committee on March 8 , 2017

  • Westfield Gas & Electric addressed our committee and selectboard  on April 20, 2017

  • In addition we have been in communication and  met with representatives from neighboring towns, and we have had several meetings with MBI representatives Cornell Robinson and Bill Ennen.

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