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Goodwill Messenger - March 2019


Click here for March 2019  issue of the Goodwill Messenger.  

Latest Cummington MLP News


The Cummington MLP distributed a new brochure in locations around town. For a downloadable PDF of the brochure click here.

Underground Connections Cummington Broadband Newsletter



bsnsscrdfsa400px.pngCummington’s Fiber to the Home network, which will pass by every home in Cummington, is moving forward.  Utility poles in town have been mapped and measured. Applications for each pole to begin “make ready work”, have been submitted to Verizon and NSTAR(Eversource). This will get the poles ready to carry the fiber along its path. 

We are writing to ask if the electric and or phone lines that feed your house are buried. If so, please fill out the Underground Utilities Form. We need to have these questions answered, as we hope to have some of this work completed before the ground freezes. Our goal is to have the network up and running by September, 2019.


Please take the time to fill out the form at:



For general information about the project go to:


If you have questions please contact us at


Thank you, 

The Cummington Municipal Light Board

Allan Douglas, Manager 


With so many towns building out now, both the utilities and WG&E will work as fast as they can to get the networks up and running, and we hope to have all of Cummington served by the fall of 2019.


Handouts at Transfer Station & Information at Safety Complex and Underground Utilities Form


Saturday June 30th (rescheduled from June 23rd) the MLP Board will be at the Transfer Station from 7AM to 11AM handing out information pamphlets. From 9AM to 11AM there will also be MLP Board members at the Safety Complex displaying the fiber system map. Stop by with questions and to confirm we have your home mapped correctly.

NOTE, this has been rescheduled from June 23rd. So, change your calendar.

Launched today 6/29/18. There is a form with questions for Underground Utilities. If you have have your electric and or phone that feed your house buried we need to have these questions answered. Please take the time and fill out the form here. Thank you.  

If you have questions please contact us at

MLP Board Update - Where We Are - 4/6/18


I know it’s been a long time since last we updated everyone about Cummington’s Fiber to the Home project. I apologize but, we haven’t been sitting still. 

Since the last update we have had pole mapping, discussions with other towns about edge issues and interconnectivity, Wired West or not Wired West, and meetings with every entity that could be involved (meetings, we got em!) 

Pole Mapping - Every pole in the town has been mapped and measured. We reviewed the CAD file that was produced from that mapping and are now awaiting the updated version and a spreadsheet with costs. After that we must submit to Verizon and NSTAR (Eversource) applications for each pole for “make ready work”. This will get the poles ready to carry the fiber along it’s path. We on the board never took such interest in telephone poles.

Other Towns - We are working with adjoining towns on two things. Edge cases (houses that are in Cummington but are reached from another town. Willcutt Road is an example.) We are working on agreements to share fiber so that we can reach our residents. 

We are also working on interconnectivity between towns. The plan is to have an extra bundle of fiber at our borders with Plainfield, Ashfield, Goshen and Chesterfield so that we may connect with them. This will produce redundancy so that if the feed from one direction goes down we can get the feed from another direction.

Wired West or not Wired West - We have signed a Memorandum of Understanding with WW. This states that we are interested in working with them as our provider of services. In October we will be negotiating a contract with them. We also are looking at Whip City Fiber as a provider and Crocker Communications has asked to be considered. It will all come down to what they provide and at what costs and can they do what they say. 

Meetings - We are meeting with many different folks. We attend WW meetings when they have them. We meet with all the MLP managers of other towns on a monthly basis give or take a few days. WG+E meetings are on a biweekly basis and we are in communication with them more often if needed. 

Also a call-in meeting with the Last Mile Liaison for the Executive Office of Housing & Development, Bill Ennen, is held on a monthly basis. We send Bill a quarterly report on how we are spending our Grant monies. He has done a lot of work on all the towns’ behalf with Verizon, NSTAR, WG+E and the state.

If you have questions please contact me at 

That’s it for now, I have to go out and look at poles. 

Allan Douglas, MLP Manager

Town of Cummington

Municipal Light Plant Board

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MLP Update January 2018


For a downloadable PDF of this document click here.

We are moving forward swiftly with our broadband network design.  The pole survey is completed and we have worked with Whip City (WG&E's broadband division) to map out all Cummington residences and calculate strand counts for the various neighborhoods including possible future growth.

We have been meeting with neighboring towns regarding edge issues. This includes areas we cannot reach and will have to access through the neighboring town and how we will connect to our town hub. We are designing to run fiber to all residences with the exception of several for which we do not yet have solutions.

Westfield Gas and Electric, (WG&E), has divided the town into 3 fiberhoods for the purpose of design and building of the network. While the engineers do the design we will be applying for pole licenses to both Verizon and Eversource.

We have bi-weekly conference calls with the WG&E design team and monthly calls with Bill Ennen from Mass Broadband Initiative. Bill Adams, is our selectboard representative and meets with us regularly.

The Fiber Hut, which will be the center of our network, will be located in the office area of the Berkshire Trail School. This will take a significant amount of work to make ready but will save the town the approximate cost of $50,000 to build a separate building.

We continue to collaborate with neighboring towns to work towards network stability, redundancy and cost effectiveness. As the design and build  progress, we will decide on an ISP provider.

With so many towns building out now, both the utilities and WG&E will work as fast as they can to get the networks up and running, and we hope to have all of Cummington served by the summer of 2019.

Anticipated Timeline

We had anticipated the completion of the project in December 2018.The current completion date now looks like it will be the spring of 2019.

Next Steps

Complete design and engineering process
Continue communication and meetings with neighboring hilltowns 

 Cummington MLP board members: Allan Douglas (MLP Manager), Michael Perkins, Brenda Arbib, Scott Keith, Maureen Tumenas.