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Massachusetts New Open Meeting Law (OML) Regulations - 10/6/17


To all Committees/Commissions/Boards, etc., in the Town of Cummington.  The State of Massachusetts has new Open Meeting Laws which should be read by and followed by all of the above. The new regulations will streamline, modernize, and clarify Open Meeting Law (OML) compliance while simultaneously sustaining the law’s spirit of transparency.  Click here for link to for new regulations.

Zoning By-Law Change Proposal/Draft Warrant


The Planning Board will be holding a Special Town Meeting (date to be determined) to vote on changing the Town's By-Laws in order to incorporate the Stretch Code.  For more info on the Stretch Code and grant money available to the Town by adopting this revised by-law through the Green Comminities Program, please read  ”Planning Board Meeting” under “Recent News.“ Click here for draft of proposed By-Law changes.  Click here for draft of Town Warrant.

Updated General By Laws Now Available


Updated General By Laws for the Town of Cummington are now available. Latest revision was from Town Meeting dated May 6, 2016. Visit By Laws from the dropdown menu on home page to read them.  Please discard any old copies of the By Laws that you may have.  There is also a copy for public viewing in the entryway of the Community House.