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Meeting of CMLP Board Agenda


Meeting of CMLP Board Agenda for 8/21/17

Cummington Municipal Light Board(MLP)

Meeting Date/time: August 21, 2017 7pm

Location: Library, Community House

Purpose/notes: Regular Meeting

Members - Mike Perkins, Allan Douglas, Brenda Arbib, Maureen Tumenas , Scott Keith

Selectboard - Bill Adams

Agenda. Committee business
     1. Approve Minutes

      2. New business
        A. Review MLP meeting with Plainfield and WG&E

         B. Status roles as MLP board

         C. Make ready work-applications

         D. Fiber hut ideas - Safety Complex, BTS or Community House(in basement of addition) - (Added by AJD)

         E. Heath MLP Conference on September 22 - Friday September 22, 2017 at Heath   Elementary School9 am to 3:30 pm. Registration by Friday Sept 15th - (added by AJD)

Old Business

    1. 1. Accounts/funds

    2. 2. Newsletters - when to send, what to include. - (Added by AJD)

    3. 3. Other


Conservation Commission Hearings August 28, 2017 at 7 PM


The Cummington Conservation Commission will hold two Request for Determination Hearings on Monday, 8/28/17, at 7 PM as follows:  drainage mitigation project for the West Cummington Parish House and resurfacing of the tennis court at 14 Main Street.

Updated General By-Laws Now Available


Updated General By-Laws for the Town of Cummington are now available. Latest revision was from Town Meeting dated 5/6/16. Click here for PDF version (printable) or visit By-Laws from the dropdown menu on home page to read them. Please discard any old copies of the By-Laws that you may have.  There is also a copy for public viewing in the entryway of the Community House.