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Cummington Emergency Management Director

Member Title Phone Term Start Term End
Bernard L. Forgea

Meeting times: As Needed
Term: Appointed by the Selectboard for 1 year
Compensation: None

The Cummington Emergency Management Director is responsible for identifying natural and man made disasters that could occur in Cummington and for developing plans and identifying the resources that would be required to respond effectively to potential disaster situations. These plans have been documented and placed in a binder in the Cummington Community House and filed with the Massachusetts Emergency Planning Commission. Should a disaster occur in Cummington, the Emergency Management Director will assume the role of situation commander to coordinate the activities of police, fire, medical, and other responders. The Emergency Management Director is the Cummington representative to the Hampshire County Local Emergency Planning Commission (LEPC). The LEPC works to develop plans to coordinate the resources of all of the towns in Hampshire County to respond to a disaster that may occur in any one of the towns.