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From the Town Clerk Re: Upcoming Presidential Primary

Posted on 02/06/20
  • LAST day to register to vote is February 12, 2020. I will be in my office at the Community House from 4:00 to 8:00 p.m.
  • Absentee ballots are available now. Absentee ballot applications are available at the Community House or on the site, under Absentee Voting. Once I receive the application... read more...

    New Building Inspector

    Posted on 01/23/20

    Effective Jauary 1, 2020, Jason Forgue will be Cummington's new building inspector.  His office hours will be Tuesday and Thursday mornings from 8:30 - 10:30 am. ...


    Road Closings 12/1/19 to 5/1/20 or from first snow until mud season is over

    Posted on 01/23/20

    See below for road closings for the Town of Cummington beginning 12/1/19 (or first snow fall) until mud season is over.

    STAGE ROAD from House number 200-132

    TROW ROAD from House number 43 – 88

    TIRRELL HILL from House number 3 – 34

    BUG HILL from House number 6 – 51...

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Cummington Ad Hoc Education Committee

Member Title Phone Term Start Term End
Jill Figlozzi
Josh Wachtel
Nicole Wortis


Meeting times: As needed
Term: Appointed by the Selectboard for 1 year
Compensation: none


Mission statement:

1. To work to keep Berkshire Trail Elementary School (BTES) open as a part of Central Berkshire Regional School District.

 2. To identify, recommend, and support "short term" options for the community of elementary school children at BTES.

 3.  To recommend a long term plan for the education of Cummington's children.



Ad Hoc Education Committee Documents FYI - April 2019


Recently the Ad Hoc Education Committee submitted a status report for 2018-2019 and a letter to Superintendant Laurie Casna.  


Here is a copy of the amended Ad-Hoc Education Committee status report. This version includes estimated cost savings by CBRSD since the district closed Berkshire Trail Elementary School and total numbers of school age children in Cummington. Click here for PDF of status report.  Click here for the letter to Superintendant Casna.